Ségur de la santé: where are the negotiations between the ministry and the hospital staff?

Ségur de la santé: where are the negotiations between the ministry and the hospital staff?

At the height of the coronavirus epidemic, the French applauded them every evening. Tomorrows are disillusioning: qFifteen days after a very well-attended first day of mobilization, caregivers demonstrate again, Tuesday, June 30, at the call of most unions (CGT, FO, SUD, Unsa) and hospital groups (Inter-Hôpitaux, Inter-Urgences, Inter-Blocs). They are demanding more resources for the hospital, while the Ségur de la santé ends at the end of the week. Where are the discussions between the Ministry of Health and hospital staff? Franceinfo takes stock.

What the ministry offers

It’s a multi-level negotiation. For nurses, caregivers, hospital technicians (a total of 1.2 million employees in the hospital public service), the Minister of Health is proposing an envelope of six billion euros. This amount would include both a general increase, an overhaul of premiums and also increases targeted at certain professions (nurses, nursing auxiliaries, radio operators, etc.). She is “syears in common measure with what had been put on the table during previous plans in favor of the sector”, highlighted The world.

On the other hand, to specifically increase the salaries of hospital doctors (who are less than 100,000 in the hospital public service), the Minister of Health Olivier Véran put on the table, Monday June 28, an extension of 300 million euros. euros, according to AFP. These 300 million would include salary increases targeted at the beginning and end of the career of doctors, an increase in several bonuses and overtime.

Finally, according to The world, “Proposals have also been made to interns, doctors in training, with a 10% increase in the emoluments of those in the first and second years and 5% for the following, from the beginning of 2021. weekend guards should also be increased”.

What remains unclear

The unions are wondering how the promised 6 billion will be distributed. “It’s an important envelope, and it’s still a significant effort for the nation”admits Zaynab Riet, general delegate of the Fédération hospitalière de France (which brings together public establishments), interviewed by France 2. She still notes a downside: the envelope also concerns nursing homes and private clinics, which was not provided for in the negotiations.

The general salary increase could be around 260 euros net per month, if the 6 billion also include the staff of private clinics and nursing homes, and 400 euros net if this is not the case, according to the magazine’s calculations. Challenges.

Another question remains: the issue of recruitment has not been “addressed within the framework of the Ségur”deplores thea general secretary of CGT-Santé, Mireille Stivala, quoted by AFP.

What the unions are still waiting for

Unions demand minimum general increase of 300 euros for hospital staff. “We are very, very far from the mark”estimates the secretary general of SUD-Santé, Jean-Marc Devauchelle, who is asking for at least 14 billion to increase all pay slips in the sector by 300 euros net. His Force Ouvrière counterpart, Didier Birig, puts the figure at 7 billion and considers that “the ball is in the ministry’s court”. With this caveat: “If the response does not live up to expectations, there will be consequences“.

As for hospital doctors, who are promised 300 million euros, several unions have expressed their disappointment, judging the envelope promised by the minister “very insufficient” and “ridiculous compared to needs”.

“The public hospital has a big problem of attractiveness and cannot retain young people. If we do nothing, the leak rate will become enormous, and we will not succeed.“, he warned.

For another union official quoted by AFP the proposed amount is “bad” in view of “100,000 doctors, pharmacists, odontologists” concerned. “It is unacceptable”, gets carried away by a third, who counts on a “next meeting, Thursday morning” with the Minister, to correct the situation.

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