Still more drugs out of stock

Still more drugs out of stock

Pharmacists are now confronted with stock shortages on a daily basis: 5% of the medicines ordered are affected, with half of the interruptions exceeding 4 days. The Academy of Pharmacy publishes this Wednesday a series of recommendations to remedy this.

No drug is spared by
these supply issues.*One day it’s about
of a vaccine, the day after an antibiotic or a psychotropic,* Explain
Philippe Liebermann, pharmacist in Strasbourg and vice-president of the federation
pharmaceutical unions in France.

The situation is even more serious for pharmacists who work in
the hospital. Stock and supply shortages are daily, recognizes Professor Alain Astier: “This represents 10% of my medicines totally or partially out of stock “, confides this pharmacy manager of the Henri Mondor hospital in Créteil.

For the Academy of
pharmacy, these shortages are the result of problems and blockages at all
stages of the drug chain. A difficulty in supplying
pharmaceutical raw materials, all the more difficult to offset as 60
80% of active ingredients are now manufactured outside Europe,
mainly in India and China, compared to 20% thirty years ago.

In a decree published in
October 2012 on the security of the supply of medicines,
the government had already provided for the obligation to cover the needs of
French patients, but without explicitly mentioning exports. Decree
also provided for the creation of emergency call centers by the
pharmaceutical operators.

Ways are mentioned to break the deadlock. In the event of a stock shortage at the manufacturer, the Academy would like the
pharmacists are informed more quickly and more easily by the Agency
drug safety. They should also be able to contact
the manufacturer.

The Academy also proposes a ban on the export of medicines without
therapeutic equivalent “necessary for national needs ” and
the establishment of a right of substitution of
treatments by the pharmacist. Finally Yves Juillet, president of the Academy of Pharmacy, campaigns for the
creation of stocks of sensitive drugs.

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