Oysters: oyster farmer over three generations

Oysters: oyster farmer over three generations

France 2 followed the daily life of a Breton family, which, from grandfather to grandson, raises its oysters naturally.

They leave the port in the early morning. It is the quietest time of the day. At the helm, Younick Vallegant, oyster farmer for three generations. On deck, his son Marin. “It’s been three years since I started working in my father’s company. I tell myself that I have a nice office, I did well to stop my business school”, he explains. Among the Vallegants, oyster fishing is practiced offshore, 6 meters below sea level.

On arrival, the oysters are covered with a thin film of red robin. “It’s the bottom of the floor. The oysters have spent a year under water, they have taken on the color of the ground”, says Marin. The two oyster farmers and their apprentice know every nook and cranny of Quiberon Bay (Morbihan). The best deposits are those closest to land. But, this year, the harvest is not famous. After five hours at sea, 8 tonnes of oysters are harvested.

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