Computer failure to issue QR codes: the situation “seems to be restored”, but remains “under vigilance”

Computer failure to issue QR codes: the situation “seems to be restored”, but remains “under vigilance”

“The situation seems to be restored”, said the SI-DEP portal on its website, Saturday August 14 at midday, after the computer failure which prevented pharmacists from entering the results of the antigenic tests they carried out on Friday and Saturday. This prevented, in fact, the issuance of QR codes equivalent to a health pass for customers of a large number of pharmacies. “We are keeping a close watch on this service over the next few days”said the site, which apologizes “for the inconvenience caused”. “We are doing everything we can to restore full service”can we also read.

At 1 p.m. Saturday, Philippe Denry, the vice-president of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of France, also found that the service seemed to be working “for the moment”. Two outages have been observed in the past 24 hours, one on Friday from 3:30 p.m. to midnight, the other on Saturday morning. An assessment is underway on the part of the ministerial services, Health and the Interior, according to Philippe Denry, still pending “of solutions and measures” for patients who couldn’t get their QR code this weekend.

The SNCF has made it known that “the presentation of a certificate issued by a pharmacist and justifying a negative test dating from less than 72 hours” could be accepted by its agents. But even if “this risks penalizing the fluidity of health pass verification operations on boarding”, “we continue to check travelers’ health passes”she added.

Philippe Denry also asks that the servers of the government portal SI-DEP, “be proportionate to the influx of requests linked to the health pass since the beginning of August”. “Let’s put an end to these bugs that regularly happen at the end of the week, in anticipation of the weekend, or when there are departures on vacation”, insisted the pharmacist. According to him, there is “little doubt” that it was this influx that caused these breakdowns.

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