4 Truths – Vaccination: Touraine launches a major national debate

4 Truths – Vaccination: Touraine launches a major national debate

There is concern and questions about certain vaccines, but we must not dramatize. Vaccination coverage in France remains very high. There are nevertheless signs of concern so I have announced a plan to better inform, with in particular a dedicated site“, says the Minister of Health.

There are a few websites that warn against certain vaccines so you have to have a transparent, offensive strategy. Thanks to vaccination, diseases have been reduced, some have even been eradicated. We may not need to get vaccinated as much as before, but if we don’t stop getting vaccinated, the diseases will come back.“, she recalls.

To make sure that doubts can be expressed“, announces Marisol Touraine. “JI am going to organize a major national debate entrusted to an independent group chaired by a medical authority, Professor Alain Fischer. My objectives are to reassure and restore confidence and clarify things between recommended vaccines and mandatory vaccines”.

In addition, the minister will “convene manufacturers to remind them that it is their responsibility that there are vaccines in pharmacies, ask them to make commitments and tell them that they can be sanctioned if they do not respect them“.

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