Sanitary pass: a computer failure prevents the generation of QR Codes

Sanitary pass: a computer failure prevents the generation of QR Codes

A giant blackout has been disrupting pharmacies since Friday, August 13. IT specialists are hard at work, but it is still difficult for some pharmacies to issue QR Codes. For those who need their health pass, it is uncertainty.

They come to do an antigenic test to obtain the precious health pass. On the morning of Saturday August 14, they will have the swab in their nose, but perhaps not the famous QR Code. The reason: a computer bug. More than 10,000 pharmacies in France are struggling to connect. Thousands of people will therefore not have their health passes as planned, and some are getting impatient. In a Parisian pharmacy, the phone calls multiply.

The only solution they can offer is a simple paper certificate without a QR Code. The outage began on the 13 august at 4 p.m., and some customers have already had to give up their plans. For the pharmacists’ union, there is urgency. “If it’s not resolved quickly, it’s going to clog up and either we try again and it risks blowing up the servers again, or we only accept the tests that will have been done between such and such a date. He there are instructions given so that the paper certificates are authentic“, summarizes Philippe Dendry, vice-president of the pharmaceutical unions of France. The SNCF has already announced that it would go in this direction for the weekend.

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