United States: the coronavirus epidemic is starting again

United States: the coronavirus epidemic is starting again

For several days, certain states in the United States have been facing a resurgence of the epidemic, such as in Texas, where deconfinement has been suspended.

The United States is facing a major resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic, in certain southern states, such as Florida, California and Texas. In the four corners of the country, large queues of cars are deployed in front of drive-through screening centers. Symbol of an awareness and of an America that is now afraid of the virus. “I’m really worried”confirms a man.

On Thursday June 25 alone, no less than 37,000 new cases and 692 deaths were recorded in the country. This is one of the worst daily tolls. In the south of the country, the number of contaminations is soaring. “In Arizona, it’s the first wave and it won’t be the last. The Covid-19 is spreading in Arizona, (…) it is progressing and it is progressing quickly”explains the governor of this desert state, Doug Ducey.

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