Covid-19: the situation is alarming in Martinique

Covid-19: the situation is alarming in Martinique

The health situation is becoming more and more worrying in Martinique, where there are deaths from Covid-19. At the Fort-de-France University Hospital, the morgue, like the other services, is overwhelmed. A 76-year-old patient died on Thursday August 12. So, the mortuary agent, Éric Nadeau, takes every precaution to disinfect his coffin. In the 26 years he had worked at the morgue, he had never experienced such a situation.

It is the largest mortuary chamber on the island, and the 25 places are all occupied. Since the fourth wave, the staff has been working at a tight flow. “We must recover the deceased, quickly, in the services, and there are others who are waiting for the place”explains Dominique Arade-Chenor, head of the mortuary room.

On the radio, every morning, funeral notices are read on the air, live. This program is widely followed; usually around 20 names are released, but in recent days up to 60 daily obituaries are announced. “We have never seen such a disaster (…) in this country”confides Isabelle Auguste, assistant to the editorial management of Martinique la 1ère. “We are islanders, it’s a small country, and it’s hard to believe that there are so many deaths every day.”

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