Furosemide: a case in the hour of doubt

Furosemide: a case in the hour of doubt

The investigation has not yet made it possible to prove a link between boxes of this diuretic drug produced by the Teva laboratory in Sens and a series of deaths. Results of toxicological analyzes are expected in the coming days. Two new investigations have been opened.

After the Thursday search of
Teva laboratory in Sens, the Medicines Agency dismissed the trail of an error
industrial. According to the first elements of the investigation, the configuration of the
places does not suggest that there was an accident or human malice.

An ANSM spokesperson confirmed that it “there is no sleeping pill zopiclone in the boxes checked ” during the checks carried out by the Teva laboratory under the control of a bailiff on his
Sens website.

To date, none of the deaths under investigation appear
attributable to a possible packaging error.

There is no evidence that the drug
be responsible for the death of the 91-year-old man in Marseille, there is no
proof of the presence of sleeping pills inside the box of Furosemide, which
was empty.

But the research continues. Thus an investigation was opened this Friday in Tarbes after a suspicious death in the
Hautes-Pyrenees. Another in Saint-Nazaire after the death of an 83-year-old woman treated for leg edema with Furosemide. The drugs used belonged to suspect batches.

The case begins on June 7 when the Medicines Agency recalls two batches of this diuretic “following a packaging error, the tablets having been replaced by those of a sleeping pill produced by the same laboratory”. Again, the pharmacist who gave the alert could have made a mistake
of appreciation.

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