“This policy divides”: against the health pass but not anti-vaccine, healthcare demonstrators find it difficult to be heard

“This policy divides”: against the health pass but not anti-vaccine, healthcare demonstrators find it difficult to be heard

Several dozen anti-sanitary pass demonstrations will be held all over France on Saturday August 14, for the fifth time. Among those who parade, some say they are against the health pass, but for vaccination. They thus stand out from the anti-vaccine demonstrators and those who pour into conspiracy. A speech that is difficult to hear, like caregivers opposed to the pass, but who recognize the need for vaccination to curb the Covid-19 epidemic.

Denis Gillet, secretary general of the CGT Santé in the Vosges, thus criticizes “an authoritarian health policy” of the government. “This policy divides. We defend the position that must be convinced, but not coerced. It clearly stands out from the conspiratorial and anti-Semitic tendencies of certain anti-passes.

Rémi Roblain shares the same observation in Seine-Saint-Denis. “We have the impression that we are in a completely binary, Manichean world, where you have to be either for the government or against”believes the secretary of the South union at the Ville-Evrard hospital in Neuilly-sur-Marne.

He considers that it is the government which has created this antagonism and these tensions, in particular by imposing vaccination on caregivers. “The fact of creating an obligation closes the discussion with all these colleagues”, explains Rémi Roblain. “We find ourselves in an extremely complicated divide between those who have made the choice to be vaccinated, who do not understand why others do not do so. And people who are extremely afraid of the vaccine. We can’t have the serene debate that we should be having right now on the pandemic, and how to get out of it.

Among the colleagues of this carer, some parade every Saturday against the pass. But not in just any procession. “Sud Solidaires is not going to demonstrate next to Florian Philippot, because we are deeply anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist”explains Rémi Roblain. “And that’s completely inconsistent with people on the far right trying to co-opt the current anger.” Some caregivers have stopped demonstrating altogether, because they did not recognize themselves in the slogans of the parades, too “anti-vax”, according to them.

Nurse anesthetist, Éric Tricot recalls that the vast majority of patients in intensive care are not vaccinated (85% according to figures from the Ministry of Health published on Friday August 13). This representative of the South union at the Mondor hospital in Créteil (Val-de-Marne) is thus trying to convey the importance of vaccination to his colleagues who still refuse to be protected.

All believe that if the health pass causes such blockage from part of the population, it is because of communication “authoritative and inconsistent” of the government.

Against the pass but not “anti-vax”, healthcare demonstrators find it difficult to be heard – Maxime Tellier

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