Food: Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit with many virtues

Food: Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit with many virtues

If, physically, the Yuzu is halfway between lemon and grapefruit, this citrus fruit deserves much better than this comparison. In Japan, it is credited with all the virtues, whether at the table or in ablution.

In the Parisian cuisine of Thomas Boullault, they have become essential. For their unique taste, the Yuzu occupy a special place in the dishes of the starred chef. Here, they accompany warm oysters with white butter and peated whisky. A very expensive citrus fruit: 6 euros per piece on average. If ten years ago, Yuzu were not found in the kitchens of great chefs, the latter are now crazy about them.

The Yuzu come mainly from the mountains of Kochi, in the south of Japan, their country of origin. A difficult culture: the first fruits only appear after at least four years and the tree does not adapt to all climates, such as the seaside. In Japan, Yuzu is already very present in the gastronomy: it is consumed in vinegar, oil, sake, but also in jam. In addition to its particular taste, the citrus fruit is said to have beneficial effects on health: it contains antioxidant substances and is recommended for treating colds. A healthy fruit that the Japanese like to immerse in their bath. Objective: to purify the body and avoid getting sick.

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