Baclofen authorized under conditions to treat alcoholism

Baclofen authorized under conditions to treat alcoholism

Baclofen can now be prescribed to treat alcohol-dependent patients. The National Medicines Safety Agency gave the green light this Friday morning. This medicine has an RTU, ie a temporary recommendation for use, with conditions.

Baclofen does not
may only be prescribed after other available treatments have failed. He will be
offered in two cases: either to help maintain abstinence in a
person after weaning, either to reduce alcohol consumption among
high-risk alcohol addicts. Psycho-social care will be

This authorization, even under conditions, is a posthumous victory for Professor Olivier Ameisen; in 2012, he came to France Info to tell about his experience as a former alcoholic cured thanks to baclofen.

The daily dosage will be very limited with three thresholds: below
than 120 mg/day, only one doctor can prescribe the treatment. To go beyond 120 mg / day it will be necessary the opinion of a second doctor and for any
dosage greater than 180 mg/day, a collegial opinion within a
addiction treatment center. The maximum dosage will be 300 mg/day.
For those who, despite 300 mg/day, will have no improvement, the treatment
will be phased out.

regarding patients who take baclofen to control their
alcohol addiction will be grouped on a file that was cleared yesterday
by the CNIL. It will improve knowledge on the effectiveness and
safety of this treatment.

Doctor Florent Perrin Dureau, in charge of the addictology division at the ANSM, defends this principle of collegiality.

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