Baclofen, drug against alcoholism, close to green light

Baclofen, drug against alcoholism, close to green light

EXCLUDED FRANCE INFO | Baclofen should obtain within a few days an authorization to treat alcoholism. The temporary recommendation for use (RTU) has been pending since June 2013, at the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM). It would allow doctors to legally prescribe.

Baclofen is a
drug prescribed for muscle relaxation but many doctors are convinced of its effectiveness for another suffering: addiction
alcoholic. France Info reveals to you that the diverted, illegal and uncomfortable prescription for caregivers could turn into authorization in good and due form from the end of
next week.

It is a question of a temporary recommendation for use, therefore limited in time and also with a dosage threshold. A maximum of 200 mg per day is mentioned, but the
associations believe the bar is too low for 30% of alcoholics. Currently
two clinical trials are being conducted in France: one on doses
up to 300 mg day and the second to 170 mg. The tests focus on the efficacy and tolerance of Baclofen which, at high doses, can cause side effects.
secondary. According to Samuel, at the head of an association of people
alcohol-dependent, the embarrassment is not negligible but he says to himself “cured” after thirty years of addiction, *“cured like 50,000 other people on Baclofen” .*

Samuel says he changed his life with the
Baclofen in January 2012. It endured the side effects that are “the
excessive sweating insomnia, olfactory disturbances and
He is waiting for a “official recognition” authorities of the usefulness of the drug in the treatment of alcohol dependence.

Ten months ago, a temporary recommendation for use (RTU) had been approached for Baclofen, but the file on the office of the National Medicines Safety Agency took an unexpected delay. This time, the drug’s legal recourse for alcohol withdrawal seems imminent and less hypothetical. All that is missing is the agreement of the National Data Protection Commission (CNIL), since the follow-up of the patients treated will require the opening of a file. The CNIL will meet with this agenda on Thursday March 13 and the drug agency could announce in the process, a temporary and framed authorization.

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