Carcinogenic meat: controversy on social networks

Carcinogenic meat: controversy on social networks

A dog attacking a lettuce. This is what the debates between omnivores and vegans look like on social networks after the WHO announcements. Vegans are people who do not eat any product derived from animals or their exploitation. So when the WHO declares charcuterie carcinogenic, those who eat meat humorously see it as a blow from the vegan lobby. Others promise to die with a sausage in their hands.

“Why get upset?”, we say on the vegan side. “It’s not good for the tension already that you eat too much deli meats”. “Why feel attacked?”, answer the others. The vegans explain, with photos of a cow and a calf in support, that “if God created mothers, it was to have babies and not to feed us”.

On Monday, October 26, the word vegan was posted more than 3,500 times. Vegan versus omnivores, a very lively debate as social networks like them.

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