Conflict of interest: mass resignations at Afssaps

Conflict of interest: mass resignations at Afssaps

It’s a real thunderbolt: 40 of the 43 experts of the working group on anti-infectives who advised the French Agency for Health Security and Health Products have resigned. Reason for their anger: the director of Afssap, Dominique Maraninchi, refused to publish recommendations that they had just issued to limit antibiotic prescriptions. Reason invoked: certain experts had links of interest with the pharmaceutical industry

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What upset these experts and what led them to resign is that Dominique Maraninchi totally approves, in fact, of these recommendations which lead to better care for people and to a reduction in the taking of antibiotics. But if the director of the AFSSAPS did not want to publish them, it is because he fears that they will be canceled by the Council of State.

Indeed, last April, this council had canceled other recommendations issued this time by the Haute Autorité de Santé, due to links of interest of the experts with the pharmaceutical industry… The future is likely to be complicated: the resigning experts claim that agencies will fail to find competent AND independent experts. The director of Afssaps claims the opposite.

Mass resignations of experts at the Afssaps: among the resigners, the pediatrician Robert Cohen

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