Hospitals: “Mexico pays these caregivers better than France”, says Jordan Bardella (RN)

Hospitals: “Mexico pays these caregivers better than France”, says Jordan Bardella (RN)

France fears a possible second wave of coronavirus. “If there is to be a second wave and especially at the start of the school year, do we have sufficient quantities of masks, tests, medicines? There are many doctors during this epidemic who have sounded the alarm. It is true that the economic model defended by Emmanuel Macron has accompanied the relocation of our pharmaceutical sectors”explains Jordan Bardella, MEP and vice-president of the National Rally, guest of the “4 Truths” of France 2, Friday June 26.

“We confined because the emergencies were saturated”notes Jordan Bardella, adding: “Over the past ten years, we have made 12 billion euros in savings on the hospital. In 2018 alone, 4,500 hospital beds were cut. All this has dramatic consequences”. “Our caregivers are the lowest paid in the OECD today. In proportion to the average salary, Mexico pays these caregivers better than France”said the spokesperson for the National Rally.

“The economic response that the government has implemented is derisory compared to the hundred billion euros that Germany has put on the table to support its VSEs/SMEs. This crisis was the bankruptcy of the state. We ran out of everything: tests, masks, medicines”says Jordan Bardella.

The Citizen’s Convention for the Climate proposes to increase the speed on the highways from 130 km / h to 110. “I find it delusional. This commission is communication. Ecology is probably a very noble cause, but between the debate on the end of the world and the debate on the end of the month, I think that the French have other priorities than business leaders”concludes Jordan Bardella.

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