Professors Debré and Even banned from practicing medicine

Professors Debré and Even banned from practicing medicine

The Order of Physicians sanctioned Professors Debré and Even for their book “Guide to 4,000 useful, useless or dangerous drugs”. They were banned from practicing medicine for a year. Allergists and cardiologists have filed a complaint against this controversial book, which they accuse of multiple errors and an unfounded questioning of certain treatments. The two professors have decided to appeal this sanction.

The sanction will have little effect on the practice of these two eminent professors of medicine: they are retired. The order of doctors still inflicts on Bernard Debré and Philippe Even a year ban on the practice of medicine, including six months suspended. At the center of this case, the book they wrote, immediately welcomed by a volley of green wood by the medical profession.

The “Guide to 4,000 useful, useless or dangerous drugs” was published in 2012 in the midst of the Mediator scandal and immediately enjoyed great success in bookstores. Fruit of “7,000 hours of analysis of 20,000 international references “, according to its authors, it is described as a collection of errors and bad advice according to its detractors. “This book, riddled with errors, cannot be considered an objective information guide. “, had thus fulminated Jean-François Bergmann, head of the internal medicine service at the Parisian hospital Lariboisière.

Allergists – gratified in the book with the sweet appellation of “gurus ” – and the cardiologists filed a complaint. The former accuse him in particular of questioning desensitization, the latter that of anti-cholesterol drugs. They also object to the lack of brotherhood of the two authors. Which, for their part, have decided to appeal this sanction: “It’s unacceptable, it’s a denial of freedom of speech, we didn’t kill or rape anyone “, protests Professor Even.

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